Courses & Talks

I would love to speak at your school,day care facility or to your community group and can 
tailor my talks and courses to fit most budgets and timeframes as well as areas of interest
Here are some ideas......

1. Half Hour Introductory Session  $200

I discuss how the program developed and what it offers for schools and/or parents. Together we look at our values and how they can be fostered with Simplicity. I also briefly explain ‘The Four Pillars of Simplicity’

2. One and a half hour Introductory Workshop $400

This is an interactive workshop in which parents offer ideas of how they are attempting to bring simplicity into their families. They consider their own values and how they are reflected in their family life. We also look at ‘The Four Pillars of Simplicity’ in more detail and create one small doable change to take us, as parents, in the direction of simplicity.

3. Filtering out the Adult World – Screens and Media $400

Also a one and a half hour workshop focussing on changing our approach to media by fostering connection to nature, friends, family and self. Parents share their hopes for their family in this area and together we create one small doable change to take us in the direction of a right relationship with media in our households.

4. Simplicity Parenting  Series of 7 workshops   $160 per person

This is the full Simplicity Parenting change process created by the author Kim John Payne, working through the concepts outlined in the book. As a group we work through various stages of simplification in our families and grow and learn together.
New course starting February 2019
Please contact me for details and registration